What’s in our Direct to Consumer Advertising Protocol (DTC-AP)

The underlining technology that makes the Internet, Email, and Bitcoin all work is a well-defined protocol, a language of communications between different processing components. Yet the digital advertisement delivery mechanism has remained static through the years yielding only one true measurement, the Click-Through-Rate (CTR), as a primary indicator for an ad campaign’s success. ASG’s patented  protocol is the Ad Industry’s first intelligent bi-directional communication protocol for digital advertisement delivery and attribution that provides new ad campaign measurements beyond today’s static CTR. AD Persistence believes that if digital advertising is going to live up to its ultimate potential – including IoT, an intelligent protocol like DTC-AP becomes essential. The DTC protocol currently incorporates five technologies that is embedded into its method of communication with a future-proof ability to expand the protocol to carry additional pay loads.  These current technologies are as follows:

Caching: By caching promotional material on the user’s digital device, ASG provides advertisement persistence that is currently non-existent with today’s transient banner ads. Providing this advertisement shelf-life (e. life-cycle) via caching and combining it with ASG’s rich analytics enables new ad pricing models, for example, Click-per-Interaction (i.e. view, share, save, purchase) — that will revolutionize digital ads and allow digital advertisements to reach its fullest potential for consumers and brands.

Synchronization: Where money saving promotions, for example, from a SlingTV app is always synchronized onto the user’s other digital devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet)  ASG provides the seamless convenience for the user to access their ads/promotions, from the device most convenient for the user, for online or in-store offline purchasing

Location-Based Services (LBS): Gives ASG-enabled apps and advertisement campaigns the flexibility of using LBS information when needed to better serve the brand and digital user as well as further enhance the end-user experience with personalized ads/offers while capturing LBS data in real-time.

User Presence: Providing campaign management data (g. such as the time when a user interacts with an advertisement promotion) that allows for precise, real-time analytics to effectively manage ad campaigns as well as the ability to push updated and/or new content at any time.

User Identity with Dynamic Targeting Preferences: Anonymously or with user identity, the ASG Direct To Consumer Advertising Protocol can communicate real-time user advertisement interactions (i.e. viewed, shared, saved, purchased) that spring from our unique digital ad lifecycle capability and are captured directly from the device as data to be allied, for example, to machine learning algorithms for analysis, targeting, etc. As these machine learning capabilities discover new user ad interaction patterns this critical data can then be applied to the Direct to Consumer protocol’s preference mechanism for real-time personalized communication.