Partnered Solution – Player’s Edge

Ad Persistence has partnered with the Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ service and Bring It Home®.

Lottery players have many ways to come up with lottery numbers – from birthdays to quick picks to fortune cookies, but to date, no one has successfully approached predicting lottery winning results using scientific methods until now!

The Player’s Edge Lottery Picks™ service, with two years of proven test results, has been brought to market by Ad Persistence and Bring It Home®. Using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)  techniques, we invented intelligent, winning number generators that optimize our number selections for a competitive advantage. With this combination of scientifically identifying patterns along with our intelligent Players Edge Lottery Picks number generators, all lottery enthusiasts can enjoy a PLAYERS EDGE!  The Players Edge Lottery Picks currently supports Powerball and Mega Millions with many more lottery draw games coming soon.  For more information, please visit