Ad Persistence ASG Use Case Example

The concept of a shelf life has always been present in print advertising but woefully absent from digital advertisement.  ASG provides this Direct to Consumer shelf-life or lifecycle capability to digital ads and offers providing the digital advertisement industry with capabilities heretofore unavailable for digital ads. For example, ASG enables a mobile advertisement’s first impression being delivered via a publisher’s app running on a tablet or streaming device to be viewed and interacted with (view, save, share, redeem, purchase) by a different app (e.g. a brand’s app that’s tied to Android Pay or Apple Pay). Since ASG caches and synchronizes (save for later) advertisements across all the user’s devices, consumers can now engage with rich creative advertisements that could include chat-bots, video, surveys, NFC offers at a more convenient time and on the device of their choice, which is what consumer empowered mobility is really all about.