Revolutionizing Digital Advertising Delivery & Attribution with New Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Digital Advertising Protocol Technology

At Ad Persistence, we've created and patented the first protocol dedicated to digital ad delivery and attribution. This ad industry first, seamlessly transforming ineffective, transient digital ads into valuable, extended lifecycle digital assets that can be managed, tracked, personalized, analyzed and monetized beyond the initial ad impression to improve mobile conversion, ad viewability, attribution, quality of experience and return on ad spend in a privacy compliant manner.

We have implemented this new digital advertisement technology via a web service-based protocol which solves historical digital advertisement problems that persist today and are plaguing the digital advertising industry. Ad Persistence’s Advertisement Sync Gateway™ (ASG™) is a cloud based platform that provides the Ad Industry with the first intelligent, bi-directional, communication protocol dedicated to digital ad delivery and attribution and offers, the Direct to Consumer Advertisement Protocol™ (DTC-AP™) that is available today and designed to easily integrate into existing digital advertisement ecosystems.