Our Solution

The Internet as we know it is inoperable without its host of protocols that enable it, yet digital advertisement delivery has remained relatively static since 1994 when the first banner ad was delivered. The underlining technology that makes the Internet, Email, and Bitcoin all work is a well-defined protocol, a language of communication between different processing components. In the digital world, it is essential to have a protocol and if digital advertising is going to live up to its ultimate potential – including IoT, an intelligent protocol for advertisement delivery and attribution becomes essential.

The following are some of the Ad Industry firsts that ASG provides:

  • ASG creates a shelf life/lifecycle for transient digital advertisements – The concept of a self-life has always been present in print advertising but woefully absent from digital advertisement.  ASG provides this self-life or lifecycle capability to digital ads and offers providing the digital advertisement with capabilities heretofore unavailable for digital ads. For example, ASG enables a mobile advertisement’s first impression being delivered via a publisher’s app running on a tablet or streaming device to be viewed and interacted with (view, save, share, redeem, purchase) by a different app (e.g. a brand’s app that’s tied to Android Pay or Apple Pay). Since ASG caches the ad and thereby seamlessly creating a “post impression” lifecycle ad and then synchronizes (save for later) advertisements across all the user’s devices, consumers can now engage with rich creative advertisements at a more convenient time and on the device of their choice, which is what mobility is really all about.
  • ASG delivers multiple and different creatives per impression – With ASG, a traditional first impression can now be frictionlessly delivered without being disruptive to a publisher’s content, and with ASG’s post-impression save for later capability, full screen creatives that include video, chat-bots, and NFC money saving offers can be seamlessly delivered, in real-time, to further enhance an interactive ad experience that creates real consumer engagement.  We refer to this as the ad multiplier effect where for example, an initial banner ad is cached via ASG’s save for later feature and where this initially transient digital ad is seamlessly transformed into a manageable, trackable, monetizable, analyzable and personalizable digital ad asset where multiple, other creative ads/offers can frictionlessly delivered via ASG.
  • ASG collects direct and causal ROI attribution data in real-time and directly from the device that goes beyond today’s Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and post ad campaign A/B testing methodologies that ensures accurate ROI data for ad campaigns as well as new and valuable  consumer ad interaction data that is made possible via ASG’s ad lifecycle which allows the consumer to interact with the ad at a time and on a device most convenient for the consumer.  This industry new “post impression” ad interaction data can be further analyzed for targeting and creating uniquely personalized ad/offers.
  • Going beyond the CTR – Another static metric since 1994 is the Click-Through-Rate which remains the primary metric that determines an ad campaign’s success. As marketers depend on CTR as a vital measurement, CTR continues to be an inaccurate representation of ad campaign success. Because ASG provides life cycle persistence for digital advertisements, ASG is able to extend CTR and capture first party analytic data of how users interact with ASG post impression, lifecycle advertisements via our Direct to Consumer Advertisement Protocol (DTC-AP). DTC-AP directly tracks if a user has viewed, saved, shared, redeemed, or made a purchase with the ad/promotion via wallet solutions e.g. Android Pay, Apple Pay, etc.
  • New data for Machine Learning –  And since ASG goes beyond CTR, new industry first data can be fed into Machine Learning algorithms to discover new advertisement interaction and purchasing patterns to enhance a brand’s omni-channel initiatives and digital advertising campaigns.
  • Enabling new pricing models – ASG permits new pricing models such as Cost-per-Interaction (CPint), which combines both Cost-per-Mille (CPM) and Cost-per-Click (CPC) pricing together as one. In addition, other new pricing models such as Cost-Per-Purchased, Cost-Per-Redeemed, and Cost-Per-Shared are all possible with ASG.  These new pricing capabilities will allow for a dramatic increase in ad revenue as brands will gladly pay a premium for digital ads that have persistence that is 100% tracked, managed and coupled with indisputable ROI analytics.

In short, as the Ad Industry continues to run on antiquated technologies with glacial innovation, Ad Persistence believes that the ASG platform for ad delivery and attribution becomes the advertisement bridge into a brand’s omni-channel initiatives and, the Holy Grail of Advertising!   Ad Persistence is available upon request for a live ASG demo that will demonstrate these and many more industry first capabilities. For more information please email us at sales@adpersistence.com and to schedule a demo.